2016 Sep 23
The conclusions from the Second Meeting of the North American Council for Juvenile Justice are now available online, under the following link.The Second Meeting of the NACJJ took place in Toronto, Canada on the 5th and 6th of November 2015, and was... read more
2016 Jan 15
Global study on children deprived of liberty
The UN General Assembly, in its resolution 69/157, invited the SG to commission an in-depth global study on children deprived of liberty. The preparatory work for the study, now in its early stages of development, is led by the Office of the SRSG on Violence... read more
2015 Nov 6
The second day of the North American Council for Juvenile Justice’s Second Meeting, which took place on Friday the 6th of November, consisted of a policy-oriented event where the participants could engage in discussions on policies and challenges facing North... read more

Following the successful experience of other continental councils for juvenile justice, the North American Council brings together representatives of public administrations with competencies in juvenile justice, universities or academic centres, and non-governmental organisations with experience in the field of juvenile justice. The objective is to propose coordinated actions between experts and professionals in order to draft reports, devise proposals and develop projects.


Second meeting of the NACJJ
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