Action Lines

The activities of the NACJJ focus on the following areas:

  1. Promote sustainable collaboration and coordination among all parties and stakeholders in the development of juvenile justice policies for social integration of young people and children in conflict with the law.
  2. Exchange of promising and evidence-based practices and programmes;
  3. Develop strategies to ensure the respect for the rights of children and young adults in conflict with the law and to promote crime prevention policies toward regional institutions, based on existing initiatives and programs;
  4. Advocacy towards international and regional institutions to call attention on the issues facing children who are caught in the cycle of violence:
    • International level: bring to the attention of international organisations the key concerns and issues of interest as emerged in the framework of the Council’s consultations.
    • Regional level: strengthen effectiveness of subcommittees’ initiatives, and foster shared positions and commitments.
    • Trans-national level: improve cross border cooperation and mutual assistance in upholding safeguards of children in conflict with the law.